Our applications enable the seamless integration of new technologies in the construction industry. Innovative functions allow you to focus on your core business and become the cornerstone for sustainable management.

    N1 software modules support people in their daily tasks and help in the reuse of materials. N1 software contributes to the optimization of projects, from the direct processing of construction information or site data, the examination of economic efficiency from the point of view of sustainability, to the finding of secondary or primary construction and raw materials.

    Our goal is to efficiently reuse materials and save CO2 by optimizing material flows and transport routes.

    To this end, we identify and classify the possible secondary raw materials in construction sites as well as the primary raw material sources and optimized the material flows.

    With us, companies find and market material for re- and upcycling from construction sites and primary raw material sources while reducing their carbon footprint.

    N1 wins the AI innovation competition Baden-Württemberg​

    N1 Trading GmbH is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing with its AI project >Increasing productivity in the construction industry through the automated analysis of bills of quantities< as part of the Baden-Württemberg AI Innovation Competition. ​



    The N1 CIRCULAR software modules do not allow third parties to view them. You control with whom you want to share what.

    There is no publication of information or data. When you collaborate with third parties, it’s always peer to peer – meaning just between you and your contact. N1 is neither a dealer nor a marketplace. Your application belongs only to you!



    The development of new service modules continues every day. All our customers and partners are actively involved in the continuous development.



    The development of our solutions takes place at the Dossenheim site, near Heidelberg. N1 CIRCULAR works at the locations Dossenheim, Karlsruhe, and Munich. Our systems are hosted in Düsseldorf and Heidelberg.


    At N1, specialists from the construction and IT industries work every day to make processes in the construction industry more efficient and sustainable through smart software solutions.

    Christian Landes

    Founder & CEO

    Christian is a managing partner and creative visionary at N1. After graduating as a civil and industrial engineer, he worked for several years as a manager for a globally operating building materials group. He then worked on innovative digitization projects and was involved in the establishment of several start-ups. His accumulated expertise led to the founding of N1 and drives our innovation.

    Kai Wachter


    Kai is responsible for technical development at N1. After graduating with a degree in computer science, he worked for SAP as a developer in the area of business intelligence. There he was product manager for front-end tools for mass data processing, which are still used by several million users worldwide. In 2007, he founded bi excellence software GmbH, where he is still CEO and CTO today. Kai has additionally been CTO of N1 since 2021.