Our modular software modules support you as early as the planning stage of a project by using artificial intelligence to identify re- and upcycling potential from ongoing or tendered construction projects.

    Match Depot Analyser

    AI-powered application for construction companies to identify recycling potential from ongoing and tendered construction projects.

    Depot Scout

    AI-supported application for the identification of recyclable construction and demolition waste.


    Whether reducing CO2 emissions or material shortages – there are plenty of reasons for more efficient material flow management.

    disposal options. For the economically and ecologically sustainable planning of construction projects, it is important to identify these options as early as possible so that they can be compared in the next step. That’s exactly what our software helps you with.

    Match Depot Analyser and Workspace are our applications for identifying re- and upcycling potential from tender data. Artificial intelligence scours digital bills of quantities and identifies excavated and demolition materials that can replace the need for primary raw materials for construction projects or the manufacture of building materials. However, residual materials for disposal are also shown and made plannable.

    While Workspace does this on its own and automatically suggests potentially relevant bills of quantities, you can analyze bills of quantities even more specifically with Match Depot Analyser. AI support massively increases productivity when working with bills of quantities, and the intuitive design of our applications helps you keep track of long bills of quantities.

    By the way: Our solutions can be linked to existing industry solutions, such as the ERP system BRZ 365. This allows you to conveniently access and work with your project and job site data.