N1 develops its software in close cooperation with a strong partner network. This results in solutions for smarter, more efficient and more sustainable processes in the construction industry.


    Companies in the construction industry are united by the challenge of having to build and produce in a more economically and ecologically sustainable way. To achieve this goal, a functioning circular economy is needed. However, the circular economy only works if the players are networked and synergy potentials are used. The software solutions from N1 provide the basis for this.


    With the industry, for the industry.

    The most valuable feedback on a product is the customer's opinion. Through close contact with our customers, we can constantly increase the functionality of our software solutions and ensure a simple, intuitive operation.


    Heinrich Feess GmbH & Co. KG, based in Kirchheim/Teck, is a high-performance family business with 70 years of experience and know-how. The main business areas include earthworks, demolition and recycling. Recycling is the company's principle. Through processing and quality recycling, Feess actively protects the environment and is one of the pioneers in the circular economy. Feess uses the N1 software solutions Site Depot and Plant Manager.

    More information at feess.de.


    Benjamin Feeß // Construction Management

    „With Site Depot, we can counteract tomorrow's problems today and digitally support our mission to move more together. With the help of the software, we optimize supply and disposal concepts as well as transport routes for our construction sites. In this way, we conserve valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions."


    Holcim Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading companies for innovative, sustainable and digital construction products and solutions with a clear focus on climate protection and circular economy. As one of Germany's largest producers of building materials, Holcim undertakes numerous efforts in environmental protection. The company's mission is "Building better with less". Holcim uses the N1 software solutions Site Depot and Plant Manager and is a partner in the RE:CONCRETE project.

    More informationen at holcim.de.


    Maximilian Kieser // Head of Digital Business & Strategy

    "The raw material source of the future is no longer just the gravel pit or the quarry; it is recycled material. Managing the material flows of the future digitally will be a fundamentally important building block for Holcim to achieve its ambitious goals in the area of the circular economy. We are pleased to be working with N1 to develop digital tools and solutions for the construction industry to achieve this."


    Max Wild GmbH stands for quality, commitment and trust - and has done so since 1955. Today, the company's range of services includes demolition, land recycling and civil engineering. As an innovation driver, Max Wild is always interested in new solutions and uses the N1 applications Match Depot Analyser and Site Depot to optimize material flow management. In addition, the company is a partner in the RE:CONCRETE project.

    More information at maxwild.com.



    M. Eng. Elias Haitz // Senior Construction Manager Surface Recycling

    "The scarcity of resources requires a rethink. N1 develops software and analyzes data for an economical and sustainable use of resources."


    BRZ is a specialist for organization and construction IT. More than 12,500 customers use the company's solutions, such as ERP construction software. Through the cooperation for data import and export, project data can be exchanged between BRZ systems and N1 software solutions via interfaces.

    More information at brz.eu.


    Madaster is the cadastre in which data on all materials and products used in a building are registered. When a building is demolished, the registration of the individual components provides information about the separability, the bound CO2 and the toxicity of the materials used. N1's AI-powered software solutions can draw on madaster data when analyzing specifications for new construction projects to identify circular economy or recycling potential.

    More information at madaster.com.


    Mineral Waste Manager is the digital assistance system for the disposal of mineral waste. The AI-supported expert opinion analysis reliably determines waste code and load class. Through the cooperation with N1, the data from the Mineral Waste Manager can be used in N1 software solutions. The networking enables a user-friendly and cross-team working method - from the recording and classification of heaps, the search for suitable recovery and disposal sites to the processing of recovery/disposal.

    More information at mineral-waste-manager.de.


    The ORIS building materials platform helps to plan road and track construction projects more efficiently, to optimize the CO2 footprint as well as the consumption of raw materials. In our RE:CONCRETE project, which is about upcycling concrete demolition, we rely on the know-how of ORIS for the CO2 calculations.

    More information at oris-connect.com.


    The initiative brings together partners from the fields of construction planning, the construction industry, the building materials industry, and research and teaching. solid UNIT drives innovation in research and development through closer networking between partners. As a member, N1 supports the acceleration of the application of new technologies and building materials on construction sites.

    More information at solid-unit.de.