Analyze and classify your heaps and tipping areas from bills of quantities or ERP data. Our AI solution identifies recovery and recycling potential for you in ongoing and tendered construction projects.


    Manage your heaps and tipping areas. Find nearby collection points and plants. Control your material flows and optimize logistics. Recycle as much as possible!


    Build your project network and start reusing and upcycling materials. Use partners for preparation and logistics and organize the economic purchase or sale of your materials.

    N1 Circular – Benefits

    Exploit potential opportunities

    Our AI-powered software helps you identify circular potential from bills of quantities. With digital tools from N1, you can find materials early on that can replace the need for primary raw materials in your own construction sites or be used as substitutes in third-party construction sites.

    Everything at a glance

    We’re creating the basis for more circular economy in construction. The visual representation of depots, collection points, and plants on maps and table views gives you a quick and comprehensive overview for supply and disposal options. Plan faster and execute the process with confidence.

    Family & Friends

    Targeted collaboration for economically and ecologically sustainable synergy effects. With our software solutions, you can create your own networks in a structured and self-determined manner and make depots, collection points and plants available to selected partners. You decide at any time which data you want to share with whom.


    N1 CIRCULAR software allows internal and external project stakeholders to manage projects together throughout the entire project lifecycle – from RFP to end-use.
    Smart functions provide more transparency and clear processes between the different work areas and increase the performance of your company.


    With apps for mobile devices, you can work on the go. Looking for the nearest collection point? Then use the Site Depot Mobile App! Would you like to always have your project data with you? Then create your construction sites and depots with information, images and documents easily and quickly via your smartphone.


    N1 applications are cloud-based and this comes with many advantages. Data can be accessed from virtually any device with an Internet connection, allowing colleagues to interact regardless of location. Costs for hardware (e.g.) or additional IT personnel are completely eliminated.