With Site Depot you can organize the management of material flows. Whether it’s a heap or a tipping area, recycling or disposal, secondary or primary raw materials – Site Depot is the management tool for material flows.

    Site Depot

    Application for construction companies to optimize material flow management.

    Sell & Buy

    Application for direct and digital pricing and purchase processing between suppliers and buyers (peer-to-peer).


    Software for the creation and implementation of supply and disposal concepts.

    Companies in the construction industry face the challenge of controlling and monitoring excavated and demolition materials generated during excavation based on suitability or hazardousness. The multitude of regional specifications, national regulations, and laws make environmentally sound recycling or disposal a complex issue. At the same time, construction projects can be implemented in a more economically and ecologically sustainable manner through intelligent material flow management.


    How can you cope with the increasing complexity of material flow management?

    This requires a high degree of transparency regarding regionally available materials as well as recycling and disposal options. Our software gives you all that and more. See for yourself!

    5 good reasons why you can count on us:

    • We develop with the industry for the industry. This makes our solutions more powerful every day.
    • With our modular SaaS concept, you only pay for what you really need.
    • Internal or external? With us, you decide yourself at any time whether and with whom you interact.
    • We are not a platform and we are not a dealer. As a neutral software provider, we supply you with the technical infrastructure for your material flow management. No more and no less.
    • We are flexible. If you ever have a problem with our software, let’s talk about it. We always find a solution.