myN1 Applications

Increase effectiveness for your business with SaaS solutions from N1

With myN1's SaaS applications, companies integrate new technologies seamlessly and effectively into their own business model. The outsourcing of IT functions allows concentration on the core business and becomes the cornerstone for ensuring the company's growth, flexibility and competitiveness.

Match Depot Analyser

AI-powered application for construction companies to identify recycling potential from ongoing and tendered construction projects.

Identify disposal/recycling items from bill of quantities within minutes. Relevant items are easily and quickly converted into classified depots and exported to Site Depot.

Site Depot

Application for construction companies to optimize material flow management.

With Site Depot, you increase the recycling rate of building materials and reduce disposal costs. In this way, you act resource-efficiently and promote sustainability in construction.

Match Position

AI-powered application for building materials manufacturers and construction companies to identify relevant tender projects and assign offer/allocation units to bill of quantity items.

Match Position accelerates the identification of relevant bill of quantity positions and continuously increases work efficiency through the use of self-learning artificial intelligence.

Match Manufacturer

AI-powered application for building materials manufacturers to match their own product portfolio with relevant bill of quantity items.

Quickly identify the right projects, analyze bills of quantities, and create item lists for offers.


Application for building materials manufacturers for centralized creation and management of price lists and offers including approval workflow.

N1 Pricemaker can be connected via interface or drop with data sources such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. The generated data, price lists, object price lists or offers are provided in the appropriate format for the source system or other target systems after checking and approval.

Match Circular

AI-powered application for building materials manufacturers to identify RC substitutes to increase recycling rates in formulations.

Identify recycling potential for your own formulations with N1 FACE technology (Formulation Analysis for the Circular Economy).