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    More efficiency for your waste stream management
    with Match Depot Analyser & Site Depot

    Know where and when the availability or need is.

    The use of secondary raw materials and recyclable materials reduces the consumption of primary resources. Our solutions support regional visibility of available materials, avoiding unnecessary logistics while improving work processes. Match Depot Analyser identifies available materials from future or existing construction sites.

    Analysis of construction sites, material, quantity and region:


    Match Depot Analyser

    for construction companies, recyclers and landfill operators


    Site Depot

    for the detection and classification of piles and tipping points

      Match Depot Analyser

    Match Depot Analyser identifies recycling potentials (piles and tipping points) by analyzing the bill of quantity of a construction site.

    The solution, which is supported by artificial intelligence (AI), helps companies analyze their own, third-party or not-yet-awarded construction sites for materials.

    The result is the identification of piles that can replace the need for primary raw materials in own construction sites or be used as substitutes in third-party construction sites. But also residual materials for disposal become visible and plannable in the construction site.

      Site Depot

    Site Depot allows the classification and enrichment with information of pile or tipping point. The depot finder with the tracking function "Watchlist" shows the piles and tipping points of interest.

    Own projects, no matter if pile or tipping point, can be optimized or offered within the company. Site Depot also allows to offer available materials to other companies.

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