Site Depot

Application for construction companies for the management and internal trading of piles and tipping points (=depots) to optimize waste stream management.

    Site Depot

    Anwendung und Features

    Internal trading and management of piles and tipping points (= depots) to optimize waste stream management and create sustainable cycles.

    Application with cartographic display of available piles and tipping points as well as depot management including material classification, quantity and price management, upload options for images & documents and inquiry module for internal trading of depots.

    Overview functions:

    • Visual, filterable display of internal piles and tipping points (= depots) and stationary plants

    • User-friendly construction site and depot management

    • Material classification according to industry-standard regulations and norms

    • Quantity and price management

    • Upload options for images & documents (e.g. quality certificates, approval documents)

    • Mobile application for image upload directly from the construction site

    • Inquiry module for internal depot trading

    Interfaces to other myN1 applications:

    Browse demand and supply of surplus material on the map




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