Match Position

AI-powered application for building materials manufacturers and construction companies to identify relevant tender projects and assign offer/allocation units to bill of quantity items.

    Match Position

    Application and Features

    Quickly identify the right projects and analyse bills of quantities.

    Easy identification of sales targets for building material manufacturers and construction companies. Quickly identify material and quantity structures contained in tender projects with the N1 Discovery function.

    AI powered, rapid assignment of bill of quantity items to offer lists and allocation units.

    Machine learning ensures a continuous increase in efficiency in the processing of bills of quantities.

    Discover relevant projects quickly and early

    The visualisation of tendered and own projects as well as own plants creates an overview of delivery options and logistical advantages and disadvantages.


    Work efficiently with bills of quantities (boq)

    Artificial intelligence supports the creation of offer or allocation units at bill of quantity item level through the boq-analysis on installation and removal items. Machine learning ensures a continuous increase in efficiency in the processing of bills of quantities.



    • Project or construction data  
    • Digital bill of quantities (GAEB file)
    • Own project data


    Data sources:

    • Construction information services
    • ERP systems (e.g. SAP, BRZ, WDV)


    • Project selection on map
      Visualization of tendered projects as well as own construction sites and plants
    • Upload of GAEB file for analysis of bill of quantities
    • Matching of relevant positions on offer/allocation units
    • Export of position lists for the creation of service range/offers


    • GAEB-Export
      create and download offer-/allocation-units as GAEB-file
    • EXCEL-Export
      create and download offer-/allocation-units as EXCEL-file
    • ERP-Export
      export offer-/allocation-units to ERP-systems (e.g. SAP, BRZ, etc.)

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