Match Depot Analyser

AI-powered application for construction companies to identify recycling potential from ongoing and tendered construction projects.

    Match Depot Analyser

    Application and Features

    Analysis of items from bill of quantities to optimize waste stream management and create sustainable cycles.

    AI-supported application for identifying recycling potential from ongoing and tendered construction projects.

    Marking of particularly relevant piles and tipping points for tracking in Site Depot.

    Classification of depots (piles, tipping points) according to industry standards and regulations.

    Early identification of recycling potentials

    Through the visualization of tendered and own projects, recycling potentials can be identified quickly and at an early stage, taking into account material and logistical conditions.

    Digital bill of quantities for relevant projects are provided from external and internal sources (e.g. greenprofi, ERP system) and can be transferred for analysis with one click.


    Work efficiently with bill of quantities and increase recycling rate

    By using artificial intelligence, tendered and ongoing projects can be analyzed for relevant recycling potential within minutes and converted into classified depots with just a few clicks. The created depots can be transferred to Site Depot for in-house trading.

    Match Depot Analyser massively simplifies and accelerates the difficult identification of recycling potentials and thus helps to increase the recycling rate and reduce costs for disposal and material procurement.






    • Project or construction data  
    • Digital bill of quantities (GAEB file)
    • Own project data


    Data sources:

    • Construction information services (e.g. greenprofi)

    • ERP systems (e.g. SAP, BRZ, WDV)

    • CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce)


    • Visualization of tendered and own projects

    • AI-supported analysis of digital bills of quantities according to disposal/recycling items

    • AI-supported classification of piles and tipping points according to industry-standard norms and regulations

    • Creation and export of depots for further processing in Site Depot


    Connectable myN1 Application:

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