Match Circular

AI-powered SaaS application for building materials manufacturers to identify RC substitutes to increase recycling rates in formulations.

    Match Circular

    Application and Features

    Find potential recycling material as a substitute in formulations

    Analysis on the local or regional use of raw materials that can be reused in other building materials such as concrete products or ready-mixed concrete and can lead to a reduction in emissions (CO2) and a saving of resources.

    Analysis of future construction sites and formulations so that manufacturers can identify and safeguard recycled materials as secondary raw materials in their product formulations.


    Work efficiently with bills of quantities

    The thematically controllable maps provide you with an initial overview of your own delivery options in comparison to your competitors.

    Logistical advantages or disadvantages are quickly visible and can be taken into account in the pricing of a later offer.

    The data from Match is available as an export for ERP systems such as SAP, Salesforce or other ERP systems.

    The position lists are also available for export as CSV, XML or Microsoft Excel.


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