Match Manufacturer

AI-powered application for building materials manufacturers to match their own product portfolio with relevant bill of quantity items.

    Match Manufacturer

    Application and Features

    Quickly identify the right projects, analyze bills of quantities, and create item lists for offers.

    Easy identification of sales targets for building material suppliers through visualization of tender projects and relevant quantity structures.


    AI-powered matching of suitable products to bill of quantity positions. For this purpose, bill of quantity items are searched for components, materials, rules and activities, among other things. Depending on customer-specific requirements and taking into account availability at plant level, suitable product suggestions are automatically determined.

    Discover relevant projects quickly and early

    The visualization of tendered and own projects as well as own plants creates an overview of delivery options and logistical advantages and disadvantages.


    Work efficiently with bills of quantities

    To create item lists, you analyze digital bills of quantities from external and internal sources (e.g. ERP system) within minutes for relevant items and match them with your product range with the support of artificial intelligence.

    Position lists are exported with one click to existing systems (e.g. ERP system such as SAP) or to the myN1 application Pricemaker for offer creation.



    • Project or construction data  
    • Digital bill of quantities (GAEB file)
    • Article master data
    • Factory data
    • own project data


    Data sources:

    • Construction information services
    • ERP systems (e.g. SAP, BRZ, WDV)
    • CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce)
    • Excel or CSV 


    • Project selection on map
      Visualization of tendered projects as well as own construction sites and plants
    • Upload of GAEB file for analysis of bill of quantities
    • Matching of relevant boq-positions with own product range
    • Export of the position list for the creation of offers


    • Export to ERP/CRM systems
      via Interface / XML-exchange format
    • Excel- or CSV-Export
      for further processing in Office programs
    • Export to Pricemaker 

      for the creation of offers


    Connectable myN1 applications:

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