Upcycling of concrete demolition waste

Together with the construction industry, we want to reduce the use of primary raw materials in concrete production by processing concrete demolition waste. Become part of the project - as a supplier or purchaser.

Participate, benefit and make an active contribution to the circular economy!

Project background

For a continuous and plannable production of recycled concrete, a continuous inflow of recycled aggregates is essential. As part of the RECONCRETE project, N1 supports the guarantee of a continuous material supply with the help of the myN1 SaaS applications.


Project target

Goal of the project is to network concrete (goods) manufacturers and companies that have to dispose of or recycle concrete demolition. The myN1 applications are used to identify and publish relevant material depots and to trade them. The depot providers can define the recipient group of their offer themselves.



Producers and recyclers as customers

All companies that require concrete demolition/rejects can participate in the project. Holcim Deutschland is already involved in the project as a  bulk buyer.



Construction/demolition company & manufacturer as supplier

All companies that have relevant quantities of concrete demolition/rejects suitable for the production of RC aggregates can participate in the project.



myN1 as technology partner

With its myN1 SaaS applications, N1 acts as an interface to identify relevant depots and make them transparent, as well as to organize communication between suppliers and purchaser.



Advantages for suppliers

  • Time- and cost-saving recycling option for concrete demolition waste
  • Active participation in shaping a sustainable recycling economy
  • Continuous digital workflow

Advantages for purchaser

  • Access to temporary and regionally available material sources

  • Ensuring a continuous supply of materials

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

You would like to participate or have questions about the project?

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